Durham West Junior Lightning

18 Zoe Ziotas

Zoe is energetic, passionate, funny and hardworking. Her coaches and teammates would describe her as a competitive, zealous, hardworking, coachable hockey player with excellent hockey sense.

Her brother first inspired Zoe. When she was 2 1/2y years old, her parents would take her to watch his games. Zoe’s parents would say she would always be so happy to see her brother skate and want to get on the ice to skate with him.

As Zoe grew older, she became inspired by Natalie Spooner. Zoe was blown away by Natalie’s speed and competitiveness. Zoe had an opportunity to meet Natalie Spooner in person and got to skate with her at practice. Natalie was very encouraging and interested in hearing about her hockey experiences. She sparked Zoe’s dream to one day play for the Canadian women’s National Team.

Zoe also is inspired by her parents. They have always supported Zoe, and they are encouraging them in every way Zoe’sparents continue to motivate her to be the best she can be. Before every game, her parents say the exact three words to Zoe “just be Zoe.” Those three words give her the confidence and motivation she needs to play her game.

When not playing hockey, Zoe likes playing other sports like field hockey, flag football, soccer and lacrosse. She also enjoys rollerblading and hanging out with friends and family.

Zoe looks forward to playing with DW Junior Lighting because she will be playing with talented, hardworking and skilled teammates. Also, Zoe looks forward to being coached by a great coaching staff that is supportive, committed and who will strive to push the team to be the best it can be. She feels she will bring her competitiveness, being a team player, being strong on the puck and fearlessness to battle in the corners to the team. She is looking forward to bonding with great teammates, playing against competitive teams, and enjoying the sport she loves.

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Rochester Institute of Technology